A Christmas card in the making?

It’s this time of year I actually start thinking about which image I want to use for my Christmas card or start panicking because I haven’t yet painted a suitable image.  Having just had a week’s long stint of painting for an exhibition with the Biscuit Factory in November I think this painting of Brimmer Head Farm House is going to be the one.

I know it’s a bit mental thinking about Christmas cards in September but it will be a while before the painting can be photographed and then I need to arrange for the cards to be printed ready to go out in the post to all my newsletter subscribers in early December.

Want one?  Well you’d better sign-up to the newsletter.

Isolation: Brimmer Head Farm House, Grasmere, framed original oil on canvas, 100 x 100 cm (canvas size excluding frame) available from The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle, from 21 November 2014.  

Art in the bar

artin bar prog

Art in the Bar is another one of the exhibitions I’ve recently signed up for.  It is being curated by Josie Beszant from the well known and very popular Masham Gallery.

“Art In The Bar showcases some of the best artists from the North of England. They are all established artists showing not only in this country but internationally. The Angel is recognised as providing amazing seasonally changing food from locally sourced ingredients. Like our food the art is high quality, modern, fresh and local.”

There are only nine artists exhibiting so I’m really pleased to have been selected for this event which runs from October 2014 until January 2017.  My work  will be on show  from  9th January until 4th April 2016 and will be a significant collection of work with around 15 paintings on show.

art in bar prog 2

A busy year ahead… make that two years ahead!




So I’ve just finalised dates for another exhibition next year, this time a solo exhibition with a new gallery (new to me anyway), Creation Fine Arts in Beverley. A good friend of ours, Myles Linley, exhibited with them earlier this year and it was a fabulous show so I’m really pleased to have been asked to not only exhibit but to have a solo exhibition with them.

So I have a couple of other exhibitions pencilled in for next year where dates have yet to be confirmed but this really does mean that I am booked up now until May 2016 and will not be able to commit to anything else until later in 2016. Feels a bit strange thinking that far ahead (two years!) and also to have to now turn away possible exhibitions to make sure I don’t over-commit… that in itself is hard!

Details of the exhibition are as follows:

23 March until 10 May 2014: Solo Exhibition, Creation Fine Arts, BEVERLEY.

Plus take a look at the video on their website which is a lovely introduction to the gallery.

To find out which exhibitions I’m involved in then please visit my exhibitions page.

This is where it started….

PDunn - Malhams

So my Malham Triptych has at last found a new home in Yorkshire.

This is quite an  event for me as the Malhams were the central piece of work for my very first exhibition which was at the Yorkshire Dales National Park Headquarters in Bainbridge (image above).  That exhibition was quite significant for me as the space gave me the idea to paint big, dramatic canvases.

That was eight years ago and the rest of the work from that exhibition has long since sold.  The Malhams however, because of their size, have been with me ever since and up until the beginning of this year were hanging pride of place in our house.

Now they are off to a new home where they will be given the space they need and maybe, just maybe I’ll get to see them one day in their new home.

Isolation: Stool End Farm

This is the third painting completed for my Isolation series which will be heading to the Biscuit Factory in autumn.  Stool End Farm has now featured in three of my paintings and can be found in Langdale Valley near the Dungeon Ghyll.

A beautiful place but also incredibly isolated as we found last year when we gave a local a lift to Ambleside because she’d missed the bus, meaning she was late picking up her child from school in Ambleside.  She was stuck, genuinely stuck because her car had broken down and no-one in the Dungeon Ghyll had access to transport for a couple of hours.

It was lovely to chat to her and hear her stories about growing up in Langdale and the times when she really couldn’t get to school because of snow etc.  Chatting to her made me realise that this beautiful valley, which we flock to every year, wasn’t necessarily the idyllic place we’d dreamt off moving to….  yet the isolation still appeals… or maybe it’s the freedom from the day to day grind of work which really appeals?

Isolation: Stool End Farm, framed original oil on canvas, 100 x 100 cm (size excludes frame)


Plotting - planning work for next exhibition

So another weekend without time for painting is a little frustrating but that’s life, stuff happens, people to visit, places to see.  Well I’ve a few weekends like that coming up which means the spare hour or so I have today I’m planning work for my next exhibition which is with the Biscuit Factory in November.  Already started work for this exhibition but need to refocus a little to make sure the body of work is going to work as a collection of paintings.

Looking at this collection of photos though it’s all potentially looking a bit dark and gloomy… hmmm maybe time for a rethink.

Stool End Farm

This painting was based on one of many, many images I took on a day trip up to the Langdales in Spring but for the life of me I really couldn’t figure out which direction we were facing.  I knew it was in the Langdale valley somewhere and knew that the mountain behind the farm house wasn’t Langdale Pikes… in fact that farm house wasn’t Dungeon Ghyll….  Anyhow after ages wracking my brain, it took one message on Facebook for someone (thank you Chris) to suggest Stool End Farm and like magic I was back looking down on the Farm with the Band in cloud behind it…. doh! but not all that surprising as I have a tendency to take hundreds of photos on days like this.  There are also days when I end up pasting a photo of one end of a mountain and attach it to another by mistake… but that’s another story!

Stool End Farm, framed original oil on canvas, 50 x 100 cm (size excludes frame).