Top Withens 5

2015-05-09 12.48.16

This is a smaller version of Top Withens 4 (100 x 100 cm) which I am really happy with and I love the reds appearing through from the background. This smaller painting will be going to The Old Grammar School Gallery in Otley in the next week or so.

Isolation: Top Withens 5, original oil on canvas, 30 x 30 cm (canvas size excluding frame) available from The Old Grammar School Gallery, from 23 May 2015.  

Top Withens 4

Top Withens 4

This is the 4th painting to be included in the Top Withens Isolation series. The following images illustrate the work in progress of this painting over a number of months.

Unlike most of my paintings where I start from the top of the canvas and work down, with Top Withens 4 I started with the land – mainly because I had paint mixed from another painting which I didn’t want to waste.  The added complication to this was that I started and completed the land in January but didn’t come back to the sky, and tinker around with the foreground, for another couple of months.

Still I don’t think it looks like a two halves of a painting completed at different times and I am pleased with the end result.

I also created a smaller version of this painting Top Withens 5 (30 x 30 cm) which I am really happy with and I love the reds appearing through from the background. This smaller painting will be going to The Old Grammar School Gallery in Otley in the next week or so.

Isolation: Top Withens 4, original oil on canvas, 100 x 100 cm (canvas size excluding frame) available from The Maiden Bridge Summer Show, from 23 May 2015.  

Maiden Bridge Summer show runs from Saturday 23 May 2015 continuing every Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday until 2nd August. 11am – 5pm. Other times by appointment 015242 61463

Exhibition opening

Well my exhibition at Creation Fine Arts in Beverley opened yesterday and I spent a lovely afternoon meeting new people and chatting to Nigel about his lovely gallery space.

Exhibition is on until 9 May so do try and go and see it, if only to see the fabulous gallery space.

Isolation at Creation Fine Arts, Beverley until 9 May 2015.

Isolation at Creation Fine Arts, Beverley

I know I’ve been a bit quiet on the art front recently but that is all soon to change as my first exhibition of the year launches on 26 March at Creation Fine Arts.  The exhibition will be running until 10 May 2015 and if you fancy meeting up and having a chat with me I’ll be at the gallery from 1 pm on Saturday 28th March.  Do come along if you can.

Further information about the gallery and how to get there can be found on their website:

or on their Facebook page:

The gallery is open from Wednesday through to Saturday, from 10 am until 5.30 pm.

This Skeptic Aisle

2015-02-06 08.32.01

This Skeptic Aisle by Nick Allen

This dredged channel, this barren avenue

This ravaged course, this blasted thoroughfare

This bleak and concrete way

2015-02-06 08.31.30

Our shade against the heat of summer

Our cover from the sudden storm

Arboreal elegance swapped

For rough-patched holes in the ground

2015-02-15 11.48.28

This bleak dyspeptic signage

This road to a clean artistic mill

All polished stone, flooding light and Hockneyed brilliance

 2015-01-28 18.01.11

No blossom, no helicopters, no nuts or conkers

No more safe haven for butterfly or birdlife

What talk now of the enrichment of Bradford’s jewel.

This vandalised village, this home, this heritage, this Saltaire.

New prints

So I may have mentioned a few times that Zack from TOGS has been on at me to have some of my work reproduced as much larger prints.  I wasn’t convinced that they could work at a larger size and so waited until I had a number of new images that I wanted to consider as limited edition print runs and just sent these off to the printers with the idea of just having the odd one produced to “see how they looked.”

Now they are never anywhere near the size of the originals but I’ve got to admit Zack was right and they do look fabulous and work really well.  I’ve only had one of each of these printed for now but they will be a print run of 99 and are twice the size of my usual prints.

Really keen to get these off to Artworks in Otley for framing ready for the TOGS new show this Saturday 29 November.

God’s Own 10 (60 x 40 cm), Mickleden Valley (30 x 60 cm), Top Withens (40 x 60 cm) framed limited edition girl prints available from The Old Grammar School Gallery, Otley, from 29 November 2014.