Top Withens 4

May 10, 2015

Top Withens 4 This is the 4th painting to be included in the Top Withens Isolation series. The following images illustrate the work in progress of this painting over a number of months. Unlike most of my paintings where I start from the top of the canvas and work down, with Top Withens 4 I started with the land - mainly because I had paint mixed from another painting which I didn't want to waste.  The added complication to this was that I started and completed the land in January but didn't come back to the sky, and tinker around with the foreground, for another couple of months. Still I don't think it looks like a two halves of a painting completed at different times and I am pleased with the end result. [gallery type="square" ids="2451,2450,2449,2448,2447,2446,2445,2444,2443"] I also created a smaller version of this painting Top Withens 5 (30 x 30 cm) which I am really happy with and I love the reds appearing through from the background. This smaller painting will be going to The Old Grammar School Gallery in Otley in the next week or so. Isolation: Top Withens 4, original oil on canvas, 100 x 100 cm (canvas size excluding frame) available from The Maiden Bridge Summer Show, from 23 May 2015.   Maiden Bridge Summer show runs from Saturday 23 May 2015 continuing every Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday until 2nd August. 11am - 5pm. Other times by appointment 015242 61463
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