Sneaky peek

Aug 31, 2015

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="2581,2388,2501,2584,2583,2587,2612,2582,2585,2586,2588"] Only a few days now until the exhibition at The Old Grammar School Gallery in Otley. Everything is wrapped in a mountain of bubble wrap ready to deliver Friday evening when I'll be hanging this lot in the gallery with Zack. There are some big pieces here but the biggest is Brimmerhead Farmhouse 3 which I've photographed (see below) in our kitchen so you can get a better idea of the size of this one.  For myself I prefer big statement pieces on our walls at home and this one looks to be the right size for our kitchen. [gallery type="rectangular" size="medium" ids="2611"] However, I know the larger pieces don't always work for everyone so the exhibition will include some smaller pieces which I've photographed in our living room, again to give you some sense of size. [gallery size="medium" type="rectangular" ids="2602,2607,2605,2604"] The exhibition opens at 10 am on Saturday 5th September at The Old Grammar School Gallery (TOGS) in Otley.  There will be an exhibition opening event from 6 pm that evening.  Anyone wanting to attend this even then please contact Zack at TOGS directly. Exhibition opens Saturday 5th September until 31 October 2015 at The Old Grammar School Gallery, Otley.
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