My new(ish) website

Jan 06, 2017

Life (unfortunately) Isn't always just about painting and there are times, normally this time of year, when I end up reviewing how things are working for me.  What is usually the first to get a dusting down is the website but last year I did a wholesale change over the summer and moved my website to a different host (shopify) which provided e-commerce facilities i.e. allows people to purchase directly from the website.

This was quite a bit change for me as I was very happy with my Wordpress site as I was mainly using it as a gallery and point people to physical galleries where my work was being exhibited.  However my customers were constantly getting in touch with me to find out which paintings were available and more importantly what the prices were.  Yes shock horror I needed to tell them how much my paintings were selling for and you wouldn't believe how uncomfortable that made me feel!  Nearly as uncomfortable as having to write an artist's statement!

So I set about revamping the website and it did take quite a few days to get this all up an running again as images needed resizing, decisions needed to be made about navigation around the website etc; shipping costs etc etc.  All in all I am happier with how the website looks at the moment but there are some niggles that I don't like with this hosting site such as how blog posts look; generic text that I can't tailor; I really do miss the Wordpress gallery option for images.  However I know that the e-commerce facility was much more of a priority than these for my customers which is something I couldn't do (not without a lot of swearing, and technical help) from my old site.

So now I've realised that I should really be listening more to what my customers are saying I'm having a mid year review of the website to see what could be improved even further.  So take a look and let me know what you think:

1. Really works
2. Could be improved
3. I should consider adding in the future.
I'll be pooling all ideas together at the start of February.
Thank you!



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