Changes are afoot....

Mar 04, 2010

I think we have some big changes over the next couple of years at 6 Harold Place. Firstly we are losing Mark Yates as he embarks on a career in the tattoo business. You can still see his work on his website though:

There are also planned changes to the format of the arts trail. Basically the organisers are aiming to split the arts trail from the saltaire festival with the aim of doing this from 2011. So for this year they are asking whether we would consider opening up our house in September 2010, May 2011 or both.

So Nick and myself need to think through whether we want to do this yet and also whether we can afford the time to open up for one event never mind two. If we decide to go ahead we also want to think about whether we want to reduce the amount of work or maybe even the number of artists in our house especially as this will be the 4th year of us all exhibiting together - maybe it's time for a bit of a change?
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