One of the (many!) perks of being an artist...

Dec 09, 2012

Or for that matter friends with an artist or two... you get invited to previews.

So my weekend hasn't really been all that productive in terms of painting as I had to get my accounts sorted out for the accountant / tax return... booo!  As if I didn't have enough paperwork in my life with the day job.  Still we were able to break off for a couple of hours and go to  Myles Linley's preview at the 108 Gallery in Harrogate.

We were so excited for him as this was a solo exhibition of his new charcoal work which looked fabulous.  The sad reality is we were even more excited by the fact that he had his own sign produced for him by the gallery... you know you're going somewhere when your name appears in perspex in the front window of a very very exclusive gallery in Harrogate..... yay go Myles!
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