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...and Burdall went to Skinningrove: an illustration of 7 days of painting

Ian Burdall impasto New Work North East Coast Oils Sea-scapes Skinningrove

The last seven days have been spent painting from a photograph of Skinningrove by Ian Burdall.  It's not my usual sea-scape but when I saw Ian's image 6 months ago I was really taken by how powerful it was and he kindly let me use his image to work on.

From the start I thought that the usual size of landscape canvas wasn't going to do it justice so when I found myself with 7 whole days of potential back to back painting I knew that was my opportunity to work on something really big.... and big it is, a whopping 122 x 153 cms and I've called it "... and Burdall went to Skinningrove" At the end of each day I have posted on Facebook a snapshot of how the painting has progressed which has had a great response from friends and family... lots of encouragement, especially from the Burdalls, when painting was becoming back breaking and at times frustrating.  Below is a snapshot of the progress of the painting over those 7 days. Getting started Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7

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