Trees by David Johnson

Feb 03, 2013

Last night was the opening of David's exhibition at The Old Grammar School (TOGS) Gallery in Otley.  I've known David from the time he ran the Victoria Road Gallery in Saltaire where he not only sold work of other artists (myself included) but he also used the space to paint his own work. Last night he presented us with a gallery full of beautiful, colourful paintings of silver birches which, after predominately concentrating on paintings of nudes was quite a change in direction for David. Still he didn't disappoint.  The trees do have a similar quality to his nudes in that they have a wonderful use and range of colour but are slightly abstract, more pattern-like in a similar vein to Klimt's forest of beeches.[gallery type="rectangular" ids="706,711,707"] It was equally wonderful to see TOGS's gallery hosting it's first solo exhibition.  I was particularly keen to see how well the space worked when it concentrated solely on one artist as I will be having a solo exhibition with them in September. David's exhibition continues until the end of this month so do try and get to see his work - that's assuming it doesn't sell out before then of course as it did seem to be selling like hot cakes last night! I for one am now the proud owner of an original David Johnson painting.
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