Feb 11, 2013

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="806,805,804"] It's from one extreme to another for me.  After completing the enormous "and Burdall went to Skinningrove" (122 x 152 cm) the work I've been producing has been quite a bit smaller: Hardknott Pass (52 x 52cm); Pen-y-ghent (102 x 30 cm); Looking back to Loughrigg (42 x 36 cm).  This is mainly to do with having limited time to paint at the moment.  The last thing you want to do when your time is restricted is to start a large painting if you then have a break of 5 or 6 days before you can go back to it. I'll be back to working on larger pieces in a few weeks but for the time being I'll enjoy being able to produce work on a smaller scale.
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