Who's in our house?

Mar 06, 2013

6 Harold Place artists6 Harold Place has been proud to work with Saltaire Arts Trail since it started seven years ago.  We have opened up our doors to thousands of visitors (and that was just one weekend!) and have hosted over 23 artists all of whom have helped make our open house a special venue which people have returned to every year. This will, however, be our last year (at least for a few years) as we feel it's now time to take a break and give our Salts house a bit of TLC.  But don't be too disappointed as we still have a show to put on this May and as you would expect from 6 Harold Place it's going to be a little different this year. We have functional vessels from INCeramics which we reckon will go very nicely on our enormous kitchen table and may just end up in our kitchen cupboards...  we're also welcoming back Ian Burdall and his fabulous photographs.  Ian, as usual, will be camped in our living room for the entire weekend (occasionally leaving the premises to fetch bacon butties for us all) and will be using the arts trail to launch his new collection of work.  I will also be launching a whole new collection of work just for the arts trail and unlike previous years where we've hosted up to 9 artists, this year I will be able to concentrate on  exhibiting a substantial body of work. Of course in addition to 6 Harold Place there will be a whole host of other open houses to visit as well as the superb Makers' Fair.  If you haven't done so already get the date in your diary 25-27 May 2013 and make sure you pay us a visit.
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