Good bye from 6 Harold Place

Jun 02, 2013

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So the arts trail is now over and we're slowly starting to put 6 Harold Place back together although have to admit this weekend's glorious sunshine isn't helping.
The weekend was glorious, you couldn't have asked for better weather and as such we decided to extend the exhibition out into our garden which worked so well that Alison Bartram (Heart Gallery and judge for Best Open House artist) wrote...
"The flow that 6 Harold Place achieved by bringing the outside in from its stunning garden surroundings clinched it as the best Open House as a whole...from Ian Burdall's work in the hall through to Ian Nash's ceramics in the kitchen - a lovely pop of colour, to Paula Dunn's amazing paintings." So as you can imagine we were pretty chuffed to receive that write-up for our last open house and the weekend as a whole was fantastic and it was lovely to see so many people returning to say goodbye.  Many assumed we were moving - we're not, we've just been doing this for 7 years and we need to give the house a little TLC.  So it's good bye from 6 Harold Place but not good bye from me - I still hope to exhibit in future Saltaire Arts Trails...if they'll have me! Paula and Nick
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