Howgill Fell finds a new home

Jun 19, 2013

"we saw the painting from across the gallery and thought Wow! We love the Howgills; their landscape is unique - in the UK - and so distinctive - I often use them to relocate if I get lost in Google Earth! - and you've got them brilliantly. In fact I walked along the road past Low Carlingill (from R to L) last Sunday, so instant recognition, and your painting has one invisible advantage over reality - no M6 noise!"
So Howgill fell has now left Maiden Bridge... by foot apparently... and is now located in its new home which is not that too far from the Howgills. [caption id="attachment_1135" align="alignnone" width="584"]Howgills in their new home Howgills in their new home[/caption] So how many of you would realise that there is in fact the M6 just running in the foreground?  Doesn't stop any of us from appreciating the beauty of places like Howgill Fells. Many thanks Richard and Anne.
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