The Three Sisters, Glencoe

Jul 06, 2013

[gallery type="square" columns="4" ids="1192,1193,1194,1195,1197,1198,1199,1200,1202"] We travelled through Glencoe on our way up to Eilean Shona on a very wet, typically Scottish day and literally dived out of the car to take some quick photos of these magnificent beasts when I realised that these had to be the subject of my next painting.  The photos are awful with rain spots all over the lens but they did the job and the memory of how magnificent these munros looked in the gloomy Scottish weather still remains with me. The Three Sisters form the southern wall of Glencoe and this painting features Gearr Aonach and Beinn Fhada.  A second painting (currently in progress) will include Aonach Dubh.  As you can see I've gone with the easy option and not attempted to name the painting using the Gaelic names - easier all round for everyone, including me who wouldn't even know where to begin with the pronunciation. I have to admit to being a little obsessed with Glencoe, more precisely Buchaille Etiv Mor, which was the mountain I tended to focus on when we visited or passed through.  The area really is absolutely stunning and now I've found another mountain range to obsess with - can a mountain be a muse? - and the obsession has led to a week's holiday being booked in Glencoe in November.  Yes November... but since when have I painted sunny mountain scenes?
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