Eilean Shona wildlife (more precisely pine martins!)

Jul 13, 2013

[gallery type="square" ids="1088,1087,1072,1073,1065,1069"] This is the second of my blog posts on Eilean Shona and this one is dedicated to the wildlife of the island but more precisely the pine martins.  Now these critters are one of the main reasons why there is no need for any televisions, DVD players or such like in the cottages as between 8 and 10 pm each night they would come and visit us and snaffle whatever goodies we've left out for them. We spent many a night trying to take photos of them without a flash and it wasn't easy as the cottage was on the edge of woodland and they were visiting us around dusk. However after two weeks of various attempts we realised that we could just about take photos and film them through the very small bathroom window - which involved standing in the bath - without disturbing them. So top tip for those of  you wanting to  see pine martins... they love bananas and jam and even marmalade... more than I think they enjoyed the beef sausages but whatever you do chop up your banana otherwise they will just run off with it whole to scoff up some tree out of sight.  Enjoy the video! [wpvideo Idkg7Z7s]
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