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[gallery type="rectangular" ids="904,901,798,600,417"] It's so hard not to get annoyed by witless comments made by some people about the North East, North West, oop North and its suitability for anything they personally would not want to happen in the area they have chosen to live. There are so many beautiful places in the UK but it's oop North that inspires my paintings... the North East, North West, the Dales, Lake District, and including heaven forbid the islands and Highlands of Scotland. I dare say I will venture over to Wales at some point and probably Cornwall but my heart is in the North with its rugged landscapes and damn awful weather. I'm desperately trying not to mix my art with politics here but I am so furious by the recent comments of a prominent politician's father in-law who happens to also have a prominent position in politics.  How they manage to be promoted to such lofty positions and still be so inept is beyond me. Who can blame Scotland for wanting independence when you have these geezers in charge... maybe we can convince them to shift the borders South somewhat to cover the North of England... alternatively we could put in a similar bid for Yorkshire/North of England independence.  Now there's a thought! Rant over and back to painting...

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