Solo exhibition... eek!

Aug 07, 2013

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Not long now before my solo exhibition with TOGS and as you can see from the images above things are coming together very quickly now.  I've  still a few painting days left so still busy painting away but have delivered a number of my big paintings to the Art Works in Otley for framing.  What is really exciting though is my personal preview invitations have just arrived which I've had printed specially for the exhibition.

The excitement will soon be replaced with panic... have I got enough paintings; is that painting dry... why isn't that painting drying... followed by conversations along the lines of when's the last date I can deliver the paintings Zack.... don't worry it's touch dry... sort of, just don't let anyone get too close to the paintings. Oh and don't worry about the smell, oil paints always smell... (especially when they are still wet...)  Happy days!

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