Yorkshire Exhibition at TOGS

Aug 17, 2013

[gallery type="square" ids="1319,1320,1321,1322,1323,1325,1326,1327"] As a regular exhibitor at TOGS I was asked to be one of the judges for the critics' choice prize so I poddled along last Saturday to take a look at the exhibition and cast my votes. I was so amazed by the number of submissions and the range of work on display it was quite overwhelming at first.  It was also interesting to see how the criteria of only submitting work with a price tag of no higher than £350 challenged some but not others. What did strike me was the wide range of work on display from a variety of disciplines. So choosing my three was extremely difficult.  So who got my vote?  Well that would be telling and so you'll have to wait until Zack announces the winners later this month! If you haven't been to the exhibition it is well worth a visit and will be on until 30 August.
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