The (manic..!) preparation for an exhibition

Aug 25, 2013

My solo exhibition is fast approaching and true to form I am now panicking about whether I have enough paintings despite dropping off work with TOGS yesterday and thinking that I may have too many big pieces... the fact is that until I help Zack hang the work on Friday I will not be happy and even then I'll start worrying about what sort of reception the exhibition will receive. [gallery type="square" ids="1358,1357,1356,1353,1355,1354"] I actually finished the last painting on Tuesday but haven't stopped since.  Of course that was the second time I'd finished that painting but that's another story for another post!  Finishing painting for an exhibition isn't the end as there's still photographs of the paintings to take, framing, images to add to the website and inventory, generating consignment reports and then if you're having cards and limited edition prints its ordering them and then signing / stuffing, packing and delivery of everything which in this case will take three runs..... Phew... it's a bit exhausting and you know what I've got to start painting for the Staithes Festival now which starts on 13 September.... I need a rest! Still after Staithes this will be my last exhibition to prepare for until my first exhibition next year so I do have 2 months or so just to paint for the joy of painting rather than exhibition deadlines. So if you didn't already know the TOGS exhibition starts next Saturday 31 August and will be running until the end of September.
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