Cloth and Memory [2], Salts Mill

Sep 04, 2013

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="1419,1417,1420,1421,1422"] The attic space in Salts Mill isn't normally open to the public so when they put on an exhibition I tend to go along just to have another nose around the space.  Unlike the rest of the building this is a floor which has been left pretty much as it is since production ended and what you are left with is a wonderfully light space which is perfect for sculptural exhibits.  It is also very hot up there and I'm also led to believe it can be a little on the leaky side hence the guide map not quite matching the location of some of the exhibits in the space as some things had to be moved! This is a site specific exhibition involving 23 international artists.  The exhibition runs until 3 November 2013.  For further information visit the Cloth and Memory website.
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