I have a confession to make...

Nov 06, 2013

...I'm a little obsessed with this mountain they call Buchaille Etiv Mor! But you probably guessed that already given that it's featured in at least 5 of my paintings...! So I'm currently in Scotland researching for my next series of paintings and the place we are staying has the most fantastic views of the mountain ranges in Glen Coe. We could literally stay in this cottage and watch the effects the weather has on the mountains. It is so stunning I'm a little worried that I may end up boring you all with painting after painting of snowy mountains, storm clouds over mountains and crepuscular rays beaming down onto mountains! Aside from the stunning scenery we have seen so much wildlife including a red squirrel which nearly ended up being a squished squirrel - tufty and the green cross code springs to mind!
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