Isolation: Stool End Farm

Aug 06, 2014

[gallery type="square" ids="2078,2079,2074,2075,2076,2073"] This is the third painting completed for my Isolation series which will be heading to the Biscuit Factory in autumn.  Stool End Farm has now featured in three of my paintings and can be found in Langdale Valley near the Dungeon Ghyll. A beautiful place but also incredibly isolated as we found last year when we gave a local a lift to Ambleside because she'd missed the bus, meaning she was late picking up her child from school in Ambleside.  She was stuck, genuinely stuck because her car had broken down and no-one in the Dungeon Ghyll had access to transport for a couple of hours. It was lovely to chat to her and hear her stories about growing up in Langdale and the times when she really couldn't get to school because of snow etc.  Chatting to her made me realise that this beautiful valley, which we flock to every year, wasn't necessarily the idyllic place we'd dreamt off moving to....  yet the isolation still appeals... or maybe it's the freedom from the day to day grind of work which really appeals? Isolation: Stool End Farm, framed original oil on canvas, 100 x 100 cm (size excludes frame)
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