A Christmas card in the making?

Sep 03, 2014

[gallery type="square" ids="2129,2130,2131,2132,2124,2125,2126,2127,2128"] It's this time of year I actually start thinking about which image I want to use for my Christmas card or start panicking because I haven't yet painted a suitable image.  Having just had a week's long stint of painting for an exhibition with the Biscuit Factory in November I think this painting of Brimmer Head Farm House is going to be the one. I know it's a bit mental thinking about Christmas cards in September but it will be a while before the painting can be photographed and then I need to arrange for the cards to be printed ready to go out in the post to all my newsletter subscribers in early December. Want one?  Well you'd better sign-up to the newsletter. Isolation: Brimmer Head Farm House, Grasmere, framed original oil on canvas, 100 x 100 cm (canvas size excluding frame) available from The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle, from 21 November 2014.  
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