Permanent exhibition at the University of Leeds

Nov 07, 2014

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="2247,2249,2255"] Earlier this year I received an email from the University who were interested in using some of my work for their brand new research students area in the School of Education. The School was the very first place I started working at all those years ago (20 years in fact!) and it's where I studied for my Masters degree, so I was, as you can imagine, really keen to be involved and actually re-visit the School and have a nosey around the old building where I used to work. It's taken a few months to sort out but we eventually decided on a few images which were then to be printed on a much larger scale that I'd normally print them.  Now this was quite an interesting process for me as I've had people ask me for larger sizes of my prints but I've never actually progressed this further and I've certainly never considered having them printed on canvas. Earlier this week I bobbed along to see the work being installed and to check out how the larger scale prints looked and I have to admit to being pleasantly surprised... so much so I've ordered a raft of test prints of new images on a larger scale.  Not as large as the Ribblehead Viaduct print but about twice the size of my usual prints. So I'm waiting patiently (and slightly nervously) for these test prints to come back so watch this space I may be offering some new larger images very shortly!
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