Paula Dunn

This Skeptic Aisle

2015-02-06 08.32.01

This Skeptic Aisle by Nick Allen

This dredged channel, this barren avenue

This ravaged course, this blasted thoroughfare

This bleak and concrete way

2015-02-06 08.31.30

Our shade against the heat of summer Our cover from the sudden storm Arboreal elegance swapped For rough-patched holes in the ground

2015-02-15 11.48.28

This bleak dyspeptic signage This road to a clean artistic mill All polished stone, flooding light and Hockneyed brilliance

 2015-01-28 18.01.11

No blossom, no helicopters, no nuts or conkers No more safe haven for butterfly or birdlife What talk now of the enrichment of Bradford's jewel.
This vandalised village, this home, this heritage, this Saltaire.

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