Brisons Veor

Early in 2018 I had an residency at Brisons Veor on Cape Cornwall.   My main reason for applying for a residency at Brisons Veor was to experience the isolation and solitude that the house could offer and to focus on my work without the daily distractions of life. Having a full time job, which is pretty full on most days, means my time to create is limited to weekends and holidays and that's when I'm not at art fairs or running workshops.

But my main reason was the location.  I am generally drawn to paint the weather and its impact on the land I was really interested to see this landscape and to witness first-hand the weather’s impact on it, and how this in turn would influence my work.

Over those two weeks I set out to produce a set of four small paintings a day.  Initially they were warm up exercises but they soon became the main focus of the residency.  By the end of the residency I had a series of over 50 paintings which documented the changing weather and landscape around Cape Cornwall.