God's Own Collection

Yorkshire has been my home now for well over 35 years and my work is very much inspired by this beautiful and rugged landscape. The God’s Own series first came about when I was painting more representational landscapes on large canvases over ten years ago. Whether it was a mountain or a valley, I wanted my paintings to have impact and I used the composition as well as the size of the canvas to achieve that.


As I have developed my studio skills over the last decade my work has moved between abstract and representational landscapes, from large scale to small and back again. The God’s Own series has responded to these developments and where once I would recreate images captured by photographs or sketches, now I am using my memory of a place, of commuter journeys and of well-trodden paths.

Big rushing skies, sodden pea green fields, and the sweep of a road or a canal down into the valley. This is my home. This is Yorkshire.

Having Yorkshire on my walls is great! Simone, UK