The Light of 100 Days Collection

In January 2021 lockdown was creating havoc with my schedule and I would find that I wouldn’t leave the house for 3-4 days. I decided I needed a project which would give me some structure and this coincided with the start of the instagram 100 day project. 

For the 100 days I decided to create a small painting (10 x 10 cm) based on the weather and using a limited palette of 3 colours (plus white) to keep it simple. The idea came from my residency at Brisons Veor back in 2018 where each day I created a series of small warm up paintings. This was a great exercise and at the end of the two weeks I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had documented the changing weather during my residency.

With the 100 day project this was taking this idea further and documenting the Yorkshire weather from winter through to late spring. 

I love the paintings. They’re so atmospheric and enigmatic, with such gorgeous colours. Sarah, Brighton