Isolation 5


Product Description

This original (17 x 11 cm) oil painting by Paula Dunn Artist has been created on Arches paper using oil colours, cold wax medium and pigments.

Lock down has given me the time to do a lot of jobs that have been hanging around the house. It has also given me the opportunity to play! This is one of 16 paintings which I created in one go. 

I have mentioned previously that I like to do small warm up pieces using oil and cold wax before I tackle a larger painting.

I generally split a piece of Arches Huille paper from one of the pads they produce (approx 30 x 40 cm) into four and work from that. On this occasion I decided to take one of the large loose leaf sheets (56 x 76 cm) of Arches Huille and separate that into 16 with masking tape. I wanted to play a little longer but also see how the paintings would come out.


It really is a nice collection of small works. They are quite different from each other but still sit well together because its the same palette, similar marks etc.