A day in the life of an artist: Week 2

Oct 16, 2022

Welcome to my new weekly blog posts documenting my first 100 days of being a full time artist. I am running a daily diary on my instagram stories and this weekly blog post of what I've been up to, what have been the challenges, the surprises, what I've learned / discovered etc.

This is my second week and I am slowly starting to create a structure to my days. So what's happened?


No rest for the wicked

So this week there was no day off... booo! That's because I was running a workshop all weekend so my designated day off, Sunday, I was full on working with some absolutely lovely people who had travelled from Wales, Herefordshire and Salisbury to little old Bingley for a workshop. It was a lovely weekend full of laughs and lots of creativity.


Workshops with Paula Dunn Artist


The walking to the studio however, has continued and I am enjoying observing the landscape as the seasons change. Hirst Wood (below) is a rather special place and a few years ago I documented the changing seasons and the impact it had on four big 200-300 year old trees in these woods. Sadly only 3 of them remain but walking here recently reminded me of how much I enjoyed that project and so I'm going to include a snap of the woods in my blog each week so we can watch the changes together.

This particular part of the woods reminds me of a cathedral or gathering place. It's a clearing where all the paths converge, where the forest schools building their dens in summer and the bluebells shout their colour in spring. It is a very peaceful and calming place to be.

  Walk through Hirst Woods with Paula Dunn


The challenges

Creating structure to my daily / weekly life! Monday is my designated admin day and boy did I have a lot of admin to catch-up on. There is a lot of admin associated with running a business and being an artist... a serious amount. So although I have one designated day for admin I also spend the first hour in the studio doing responding to emails etc. That then leaves the rest of the day for painting without being disturbed... that's the plan anyway!

This week I managed to get my whiteboard all set-up where I can jot down ideas for newsletters, for social media, my blog etc without having to retain those ideas in my head or loads of different lists. It's starting to help but not sure I've got my sections quite right yet but that's the joy of a whiteboard, you can just change it.


Getting organised in the studio


I won't pretend that it hasn't been a struggle to start painting again after a break of over a month. Things just weren't working, either the colours weren't right or I was being too impatient so it took a bit of time before I could feel happy with something I created. But I have started and I've created 3 small paintings for a new gallery, Dockside, up in Berwick for their Christmas show, Unframed. I'll be dropping the paintings off with Mary on my way up to Scotland at the end of the month and I am looking forward to working with a new gallery.


Paula Dunn Artist at Dockside


What I've discovered

This week I sent my long overdue newsletter to my subscribers. What with finishing my full time job and  rejigging my studio space, September was a bit hectic and I didn't manage to send out a newsletter. I eventually got to it earlier this week and boy what a wonderful response I got from people to my news of becoming a full time artist.

My inbox was inundated with lots of people wishing me well. To add to that I've also had lots of lovely comments about this blog which really makes it all feel worthwhile.

So although I already knew what a wonderful bunch you are my discovery this week was more of a reminder of what super stars you all are. Thank you!


What next?

Next week I shall be painting... mustn't forget I need to paint! But I will also be joining an Art Hike which I am looking forward to as well as getting some work out to some of my galleries.

Check out my daily posts on my instagram stories for some sneak peeks.

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