I first started using cold wax with oils 5 years ago when I was trying to loosen up my work. I was lucky enough to attend a 10 day residential in Ireland which enabled me immerse myself in incorporating cold wax into my practice and I haven’t looked back since. My work has changed from almost abstract landscapes and back to the more representational work you see in my God’s Own series and continues to evolve as I experiment with this lovely medium.

Cold wax is just one of many mediums you can add to your oils to change how it behaves but what I love about it is that you can throw out all those scary rules about using oil paints.

So whether you are new to painting or a professional artist, a landscape artist or an abstract artist, then I offer a number of workshops for people of all levels of experience. All materials and tools are provided so you don’t need to invest in new equipment before you’ve had chance to try it out.


All workshops are held face-to-face in small groups. At present I am unable to offer online workshops.

Workshop Dates

The workshops which are currently scheduled are listed below. If you want to book or find out if there are places available then follow the links which will take you directly to where you can book. 







2024 workshops in Cornwall

I will be returning to Cornwall in 2024 to run my 2-day exploring oils and cold wax workshop as well as my 3-day advanced oils and cold wax workshop. 

These workshops feel a little different to the others I run as they are more like artists residencies. Lots of people who attend make a bit of a holiday of it and so there's lots of opportunities to socialise, share experiences and make new artist buddies. 

So if you have always fancied joining me in Cornwall then now is your chance.


If you are unable to attend a workshop or feel you would benefit from some individual time, I offer one-to-one sessions.

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