Oil & cold wax Masterclass

Building on your existing knowledge the workshop will focus on using advanced techniques such as solvent pours, glazes, blending as well as covering technical aspects relating to tools, surfaces, colour, values, textures, shapes, and composition.

Over the four days we will focus on creating a triptych on boards which we will prepare during the workshop. Working intuitively, and allowing our work to evolve, we will experiment with colour mixing using a limited palette, glazes and transparent tints.

What will be covered?

  • Using transparent and opaque colours to create depth and atmosphere.
  • Creating transparent tints and glazes.
  • Using glazes to harmonise a painting.
  • Colour mixing, working with a limited palette, and harmonising your palette.
  • Building rich layers of texture, patterns, marks, and colour to form rich, complex foundations to your paintings.
  • Solvent reduction techniques and solvent pours.
  • Masking, stencilling and transfer techniques.
  • Incorporating pigments and loose powders such as marble dust into your work.
  • Incorporating pigment sticks and oil bars and other drawing mediums.
  • Experimenting with embedding materials.
  • Problem-solving compositions by exploring colour, value, contrast, and shapes.
  • Preparing surfaces
  • Working on a triptych: three 30 x 30 cm boards



Do I have the experience?

This workshop has been designed for people who have previously attended an advanced oil and cold wax workshop and are ready to work on a larger scale (30 x 90 cm). You will be challenged to move away from your go-to colour palette and to experiment with a range of techniques to incorporate into your own practice.

If you have not previously attended an advanced oil and cold wax workshop, please contact me in advance before booking.



    Workshop dates

    The workshop will only be offered twice a year, Yorkshire in November 2024 and Cornwall in April 2025. 

    The workshop in Yorkshire is based at The Craft House where my studio is based. This will be a small group and you will have the opportunity to work in my studio as well as the Craft House workshop space.

    The spring 2025 workshop will be based in Coverack, Cornwall and like all my workshops in Cornwall will very much feel like you are on an artist's residency. Bookings for this workshop have not yet opened but do contact me if you would like to be notified when it does.