When I start a painting I have no end point in mind. I paint intuitively, focusing first on the desire to work with particular colours. This experimental part of the process is like building the foundations of the painting. Layering colour and texture through mark making. Adding glazes to create depth and atmosphere.


At times my landscapes are almost abstracted.

There is a point in the process where the painting will trigger a memory of a place and suggest a particular direction. At this point the development of the painting is more considered and I may draw on sketches as well as the memories and the feelings of a place to refine the composition.

Over the last ten years I have developed my studio practice, incorporating new techniques as I continue to develop my skills and expertise. I have developed workshops which introduce people to the joy of working in oils and I have coached artists who want to further develop their creative practice.

My paintings are now owned across the world. My work has been featured in book designs and I am a contributing artist to the award winning Waymaking – an anthology of prose, poetry and artwork by women who are inspired by the landscape.


You can see upcoming events here or get in touch to arrange a studio visit.