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About me


I am fascinated by light, colours, textures and shades; I enjoy experimenting with techniques such as impasto, the use of palette knives, the application of glazes. 
Over the years as I have worked to develop the themes of landscape and my understanding of what this term incorporates, I find that my range has broadened leading me towards images of landscapes, including urban landscapes and seascapes, that may be viewed as less than strictly representational.
In representing landscapes the influence of the weather on the image cannot be overstated: the primacy of light and how it falls and shifts across the subject, and in doing so, the way this changes how we view the subject, is one of the most essential elements of what I am trying to capture.
During the last two years I have started to develop the idea of isolation in my paintings and that even on this crowded isle, isolation is possible. For many (including myself) it is desirable at least as a temporary state, and as my work has illustrated it can be found in places not too far from where we stand.
Against such natural settings the human condition is most tellingly contrasted. Through my paintings I attempt to illustrate how, what are often seemingly contradictory emotions can be inspired by images of isolation: peace and embattlement; concern and withdrawal; vulnerability and resistance; loneliness yet envelopment.
I have exhibited widely with galleries in the north of England in both mixed and solo shows and I am looking forward to my first residency this year at Burton Agnes Hall in East Yorkshire.
I currently work from my home studio in the beautiful, inspiring World Heritage village of Saltaire, West Yorkshire.