Learning about colour

Oct 24, 2019

For a while now I've been wanting to learn more about colour, mainly because I can mix colour but I don't always know why I instinctively reach for a specific paint to when trying to mix a particular colour. Colour theory is not something I was ever taught at art college, think it was out of fashion at the time.

So a couple of week's ago I took a trip down to Cambridge for a workshop with the Colour Tutor, Juliet Doherty. Oh what she doesn't know about colour she could write on a postage stamp!

Paula Dunn colour mixing

So we got right down to basics with primary colours, mixing lights and darks, mixing a colour range using two colours and white, and even being challenged to mix the colour of our own skin! It was a very enjoyable and really made me think about why I use certain colours in my paintings. 

Highly recommend the workshop for anyone who just wants to know more about colour!

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