Saltaire Craft House

Jun 17, 2017

A big welcome to the Saltaire Craft House to Saltaire village.  I'm a little late with my welcomes to be honest as April has been up a running for some time now but I've only recently had chance to have a good gander when she sponsored our house during the Saltaire Arts Trail.  Oh and what a lovely addition to Saltaire it is too! Lots of lovely work in the shop and such a wider variety and price ranges to suit all.  Even better she runs lots of creative workshops from the shop, many of which are delivered by local creative talent.

I am so pleased that some of my prints and cards are available now from Saltaire Craft House as well as a sample of my small oil and cold wax paintings - Lymm Damm VIII, County Mayo and Dusk at Gardenstown. This is very exciting as up until now my smaller paintings have only been available directly from via my website or at art fairs.

Go take a look inside and why not book yourself on one of the workshops!


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