The mist descends...

Feb 20, 2019

Driving from Newcastle on Christmas Eve the sun had been glorious all the way home but as we hit Yorkshire the sun started to go down and with it the temperatures. The rapidly dropping temperature created steaming trails of mist along the valleys, in tree tops and on roof tops. As we descended down a hill towards home the image stuck in my mind of muted greens and blues. 

Tried to take a photo (I wasn't driving!) and got a beautiful image of a lamp post so had to use my memory for this one!

So I started off with a little bit of kitten help! Seriously he is a pain and cannot be left in the studio alone....


Started with a Chinese Orange base colour from Sennelier. Love using this colour as it does a great job at staining the paper but also makes a wonderful glaze. I have then added a vibrant pink on top from Wallace Seymour.


The third layer is green to help set the tone for the rest of the painting and to try and keep me focused on recreating those blues and greens.


Remember that pink? Here you can see it peaking through the where I've made some marks. The pink and orange are there to provide contrast and to make the painting pop.

The pink works particularly well against the dark indigo.


And here is the final painting which all in all captures those beautiful blues and greens from that misty Christmas Eve.


This painting is framed as is now available from Hawksby's in Haworth.

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