A Year in Pictures

Dec 30, 2019


First trip of the year to a very snowy Oslo and also a time to make big plans. The start of 2019 was when I made the decision to start gearing up to become a full time artist.


After delivering so many workshops on the use of cold wax I thought it was about time to experiment and really get to know the medium a little more and start making my own brew!


Joined Nick in Ireland as he took up his two week writing residency in County Cork. Only there for a week but it inspired a new collection of "blue" work.


My first ever calendar which has now been shipped around the UK and has also gone global with calendars winging their way to Chile, USA, Australia and Norway.


May is the time for my open studio and Saltaire Arts Trail. One of our kittens (Jack) hid for most of the time, whilst Iggy spent his time meeting and greeting everyone!


There has been such a wonderful response to the workshops that I decided to take some time out and plan a series of new workshops for 2020.


Was the Sculpture Lounge exhibition. I was so chuffed to have been invited to be a guest artist at this venue and absolutely loved their set-up - so much so I started looking for my own studio!


I started my Pinterest account in January and by August it all went a bit crazy and now I have over 1 million monthly views... Hello Pinterest follows :-) but also how did that happen?


Started thinking seriously about scaling up and getting myself a new studio. Plans are still hatching but all being well I will have a new studio in Bingley early in 2020. 


Time out to develop my skills and attend a colour mixing course in Cambridge with the Colour Tutor, Juliet Doherty. Oh what she doesn't know about colour she could write on a postage stamp!


It's not all all been great this year as little Ig was killed in a road accident in the village. He is much missed... in particular his muddy paw prints all over my work and his constant farting in the studio.


Hardly any publicity all year and then what happens... on the Saturday a book I feature in gets a mention in the Guardian and then on the Sunday I am name checked in The Times!

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