Art in the Pen, Skipton

Jan 05, 2019

This was my second time at Art in the Pen in Skipton so I knew what I had in store in terms of set-up etc. This year I was further up the aisle and until I arrived wouldn't know what the lighting would be like in that area.

Art in the Pen is held in an auction market so isn't designed to be a gallery. Some areas of the big shed are particularly dark, whilst others are smellier!

I really love doing this show as it really tests your skills at designing you stall. As with all the shows I do planning is key, not only so you know what work to bring but to make life easier when it comes to setting up, especially if you are constrained by time.

I always start my plans with an initial sketch and then layout the work on the floor to see how it works, ensuring I've got the measurements correct etc before drawing up a final plan.

You are very limited with space in Art in the Pen so it's important you utilise every bit of space you can.

This year I had an extra special painting to bring with me which was a massive oil and cold wax landscape so I needed to ensure that everything was wrapped up carefully and packed in the car so that I can then place this big one safely on top.

Problem was whilst driving to art in the pen to set-up I'd had to brake a little harder than I'd anticipated and this blooming painting nearly took my head off as it came flying into the back on my head! I now know to strap these larger paintings down next time!

On arriving at Art in the Pen the first thing you have to do is unload everything and then sit there and stare at the empty pen knowing that you now have to turn into a beautiful gallery.

Still it wasn't long before things started to come together.

And 3 hours later it was all up and running and ready for the preview.

Art in the Pen is running from 10 and 11 August this year. I am hoping to be there again this year but won't know until the end of March when selection has taken place.

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