Jack and Iggy

Jan 04, 2019

The first part of 2018 wasn't great for us as our old mog, Cat, was becoming increasingly demented and frail. It wasn't great seeing such an independent beast start to suffer with the cold weather and seriously start to lose her marbles. We sadly had to say good bye to her in July.

Cat had lived with us ever since we moved to Saltaire so the house seemed very empty without her. 

Jack and Iggy came to live with us in October. Both were adopted from the Allerton Cat Rescue Centre in Bradford and came from different litters and they are quite different mogs.

Since Jack and Ig moved in, the house now smells a lot more. The toilet seat is always left down as Ig has a tendency to fall in it and we have discovered that it's not just Andrex puppies who like toilet rolls. 

Jack is a beautiful creature who proudly stomps around the house with his toy mouse in his mouth which he then leaves in our boots - we suspect we'll be getting lots of presents in the future! 

Ig is part bat, part squirrel but mostly a gremlin who farts a lot and has attitude.

They both look forward to welcoming you to the Saltaire Arts trail in May 2019!

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