May 14, 2019

This was an interesting painting to create as I was tussling with the composition throughout its creation whilst also trying to experiment with techniques at the same time. Always a challenge!

The painting had formed into two separate (light and dark) areas I was really wanting to break this up so I used a brayer to pull down the light colours and to start chipping into the dark. The brayer had very little paint on it so it created a fine dusting of white. Any more painting it would have started to merge into the other colours and start disrupting the layers underneath.

This worked really well and reminded me of streams of early morning light peering round skyscrapers. Still I felt this was only the start so I used solvent pours to break things up even more but also to get the colours and pigments to bleed into each other and to create a nice dribble effect.

The skyscraper idea stuck with me and I continued to chip into this painting using more architectural type marks. I mirrored these effects in the sky so that there was a consistent theme throughout.

The title is Awakening as the light felt very much like the start of a new day.

Awakening is an oil, pigments and cold wax painting on Arches Huile paper which is 100% rag (cotton), Neutral pH, acid free.

The painting is double mounted and backed on archival quality mount.  Frames are bespoke and are made by a local Yorkshire company, Artworks, who are also a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild.   

Image size: 50 x 30.5 cm

Framed size: 64 x 48 cm

Frame type: Dark grey, soft wood and glazed

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