Developing new skills

Mar 30, 2020

Over the last few weeks the world has changed quite dramatically. I am now working from home for at least a couple of months which in itself is bringing with it changes to how I work and interact with others. At the same time art fairs are being postponed, workshops are being cancelled and galleries are shutting their doors, hopefully temporarily.

Because of where we are at the moment a lot of things have been cancelled or put on hold for me including a painting trip to Ireland. That didn't stop me still taking the week off work and use that time to get used to being at home but more importantly to dust off the old cellar studio space and paint.

So paint I did and I also took the opportunity to film a few of my paintings from start to finish. Not only that but I also started to experiment with editing film... and this is the result! Not bad for a first start.

Times are difficult at the moment for everyone but the priority is to keep everyone safe. So I am going to use my spare time to develop my skills further (including video editing!) and just paint and when it is all safe to come up from under the duvet I will just have more to share with you in my workshops!


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