A Shard of Light

Mar 28, 2020

Working on board for this one and using a 61 x 61 cm wooden board from Jacksons Art Supplies. I generally like to use a bright warm colour for my base layers and for this one I have used transparent orange from Gamblin.

I have then loaded up my brayer and started to create veils of white, using the brayer to blend the colours on the board.

Adding darker colours into the mix.

Then adding a translucent orange on top to push back and unify colours. In doing this colours are lifted and moved around the board and you can get some nice shapes and ideas for the direction you want the painting to go.

I have also used some scrunched up tissue paper to break up the orange and reveal some of the colours underneath.

I then start the process over again, adding more lights and darks to the painting.

Adding more translucent orange and creating texture with the tissue paper.

And once again adding in lights and darks.

I've now left this painting for a week or so and by now the painting has started to dry so any further work on this is building on top of the layers rather than mixing the paint on the board. I've used a brayer to start building up veils of colour over the first layers.

Building in texture and adding some dark shapes and splashes of metallic pigment for contrast.

Refining the shapes, lines, lights and darks to ensure it works as a painting. Pulling down some of the white into the foreground with a brayer and a very thin layer of white.

I've kept the foreground very loose as I really like the marks. They are strong marks but they don't detract from the whole painting and work really well with the layers of colour.

Et voila, all framed up by the marvellous ArtWorks in Otley. I've called this A Shard of Light.

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