New workshop space

Jan 28, 2020

So my 2020 workshops have started with a bang as I got to be the first workshop to be run in the brand new Craft House space in Bingley. I also got to run my new workshop, Atmospheric Landscapes, for the first time as well!

I've run two workshops this month and have been able to test out both workshop spaces at the Craft House and in my opinion this space is awesome!

My first workshop, An Introduction to Cold Wax Medium, was the first workshop to test out the larger workshop space and boy was I nervous as those walls were pristine!  

Craft House Bingley

We had people who travelled from Dorset, London, Richmond, Manchester and Sheffield for this two day workshop and they produced so much fantastic work over such a short period of time. Such a great group and so pleased that a number of them will be returning later in the year to do my advanced workshop.

The Craft House

My second workshop was in the smaller room and was the first time this had been offered at the Craft House. This was a smaller group and look at the fantastic results they produced and only in one day... I did work them hard ;-)

Craft House Bingley

What a fantastic space this is and is ideal both in terms of set-up but also in terms of location, being right on the main high street. The Craft House has created two workshop spaces upstairs with a gallery and cafe area downstairs which will be open later this month.

I am booked throughout 2020 to deliver workshops at the Craft House so if you are interested in joining me in Bingley then do take a look at my workshop listing.


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