Heron Island

Apr 16, 2019

So I am working on a new collection of work as I have a very busy schedule ahead of me this year and this painting just came out of my head the other day and I am really in love with it.

The palette is very different to what I've used before but I think this image has come about from a trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park to see the Norman Ackroyd prints.

Veils of light inspired by Ackroyd's prints

Creating those veils of light

Blending in using palette knives and fan brushesHeron Island work in progress

Lots of texture including some provided by a kitten!

Heron Island Detail

His beautifully dramatic curtains of rain combined with the day being a very misty spring morning plus seeing about 16 herons.... I kid you not!... on an island in the lake at Bretton has resulted in this rather mysterious looking painting. Who can tell what goes on in an artist's mind at times?

This painting will be getting its first outing at the 2019 Saltaire Arts Trail. 

Heron Island

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