Making a painting go pop!

Sep 04, 2019

You've probably realised by now that I do like to paint dark foreboding skies (AKA Clouds of Doom!) with dramatic contrasts between light and dark colours. With the use of transparent oranges or yellows over the tops of the contrasting lights and darks this can create quite a dramatic effect.

Paula Dunn Artist Headland 2

But to make a painting really "pop!" I take the brightest red, orange or pink that I have in my paint box and add a few dabs, dots or lines to the painting. It doesn't need much to really make a difference.

Paula Dunn Artist Headland 2

Headland is a painting which I started as a demonstration piece for a workshop to illustrate how a splash of colour can make all the difference.

Paula Dunn Artist Headland 2

Headland II is an original (29 x 15.5 cm) oil painting which has been created on Arches paper using oil colours, cold wax medium and pigments.

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