Brisons Veor: A Cornish Residency - Part 2

Jan 13, 2019

So here I am home alone in this beautiful part of the country. The house itself if practical and with the residents in mind. A studio downstairs, which was cold and didn't have much of a view but was practical. The bedrooms were also downstairs as well.

Upstairs was the kitchen and an open plan living room come studio space.

This was the room with the view with french doors which opened out onto the crashing waves. It was absolutely fantastic and incredibly fascinating! So fascinating I realised that I needed to put a structure in place to make sure I actually got on with some work.

St Just was the nearest village to the house and when I had pictured being here I also had in mind going for a run each day. That soon went out of the window when  I realised how steep a climb it was to get anywhere from the house. 

So I decided that I would start each day with an early morning walk up to St Just for the daily newspaper and some provisions. That would take all in all about an hour there and back. I would then set about painting all day and breaking off at 4 pm to go off on a walk and to explore the landscape.

Having a regime worked well for me as it forced me to focus on my work knowing I had dedicated time to "play".

My walk turned out to be a bit of an adventure involving a lot of mud!

 and seeing a lot of these signs!


But once I'd tackled all that mud I was rewarded with this beautiful view of Cape Cornwall.

From then on every day at 4 pm I trekked off to explore the landscape and was rewarded with some very beautiful views both of old industry and wildlife.

My work throughout my residency was influenced by these morning and late afternoon walks and Part 3 of my blog talks about this further.

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