Handmade cards

Jul 28, 2019

With Holmfirth ArtWeek being such a success I need to start creating more work to replace what has sold. So today I decided it was about time I created some new greetings cards which was basically an excuse for me to play around with oil colours, dry pigments and textures. 

I generally create my cards from paintings that haven't quite worked out. So rather than have them go to waste and just lying round the studio I've decided to cut them up to create some very unique greetings cards.

There are times however where I like to take a big sheet of Arches paper and just mess around with oil colour, dry pigments, glazes, experimenting with tools to see what textures they can make. It's all a bit of fun really and an opportunity for me to just go a little crazy and not worry about the mess I am making or about trying to resolve into a painting.

Take a look at my video below to see how many layers go into creating these cards. 


The end result looks like lots of little jelly fish 😂. That's the marks made by pouring solvent onto the painting. 

Then there is a bit of waiting around for the painting to dry completely as it will get messy when you start cutting the painting up if the layers are not dry. I then cut out each individual card and mount them on this gorgeous Italian Fabriano watercolour paper (260gsm) which comes with a matching Fabriano envelope (120gsm).  

Indian Summer

Each card is named, numbered and then photographed to then go up onto the website. I've decided to call this collection Indian summer.

Each one is an original oil and cold wax painting which you can send to someone special or why not have them framed for your wall.  These are unique pieces so when they are gone... well they are gone!

Cards are blank inside for your own message.






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