Jul 28, 2019

Having gone through a period of painting square paintings I have moved back to the landscape format.

I happened to fold a piece of Arches paper by the long length and have found this letterbox shape much more pleasing for the ideas I am currently working on. 

New lights Paula Dunn Artist

I have lots of ideas and things I want to experiment with at the moment and sometimes, as was seen in All at Sea, can end up being frustrating and difficult to achieve the outcome I am looking for.

When I started out with these paintings I was not only experimenting with a different shape but also with colour.

With these two paintings I decided to limit the palette and stick to Sennelier Chinese Orange, Gamblin Portland Grey, Gamblin Radiant Turquoise, a White and a Black. 

Paula Dunn Artist New Lights

I worked on both paintings at the same time and applied colour using a squeegee, palette knife and a fan brush.

Paula Dunn Artist New Lights

I added in some gold powders to give the painting a bit of a lift which worked really well with the turquoise and gave the impression of sun reflecting on water.

Paula Dunn Artist New Lights

Lots of blending going on here to create the dramatic sky.

Paula Dunn Artist. New Lights

 Gold powders are embedded within the painting.

Paula Dunn Artist. New Lights

The completed paintings give a panorama type view of the landscape and although the palette was limited the colours really work well together.

Paula Dunn Artist. New Lights

Paula Dunn Artist. New Lights

I really like this shape and I am loving the colour range as well. I am not sure where this is going at the moment but thinking that this could develop into a collection. Watch this space!

Let me know what you think of the colours and the shape of these paintings by adding to the discussion below.

Thanks for reading! Paula 

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